Chevre Kedisha

Volunteers Needed to Serve our Community

The holiest mitzvah in all of Judaism is the Chevre Kedisha, the Sacred Burial Society. Members of the Chevre Kedisha wash, shroud and casket our beloved dead as well as sit with the body prior to burial. Of course, men perform this mitzvah for men and women for women. These rituals are requirements of our faith and all streams of Judaism observe them.

Temple Beth El has long supported a Chevre Kedisha. However, due to deaths, relocation and the passage of time, many members of our Chevre Kedisha have departed and we are in serious need of men and women to step forward to perform this sacred mitzvah. Any adult man or woman (above the age of Bar/Bat Mitzvah) may perform these rituals, excluding Kohanim.

If you wish to be a part of the Chevre Kedisha, please contact Paul Feit, Frank Kasman or Rabbi Parr. We are in touch with a Chevre Kedisha in Dallas and their leaders are willing to come to Midland to conduct training. Once we know who will participate, we will find a common date and schedule the training with our partners in Dallas.

Rabbi Jordan M. Parr